Historical Restorations Add Value to the Community

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Chris Moran, President

Historical restorations can be expensive and time consuming, but the end result is a beautiful historical structure which has been restored to what it once looked like with the addition of modern amenities. The value of these historical buildings can be translated into much more than dollars to the community. Value can be interpreted as architectural, educational, or even religious. The historical value of a building can be just as meaningful as or more so than that of the real estate in which it stands. A historical designation for a building has both pros and cons for the owners, but all pros for the general community. Lynx Construction Management has been very fortunate to be part of several historical restoration projects in the Miami Dade area.  
Working with historical structures can be a challenge for project managers, but seeing the completed project is well worth all of the work that goes into such a project. Lynx has recently participated in just such a project with the owners of the Park Central. The facility not only underwent historical preservation, but also remodeling and expansion. The end result was an addition to the three already existing structures with a beautifully produced fourth building that kept to the historic roots of the art deco movement so well known in the area. Keeping the structures sound and presentable helps to keep the integrity of the value of the property intact as well as offering aesthetics that would not otherwise be available if not through the preservation of these historical buildings. 
The preservation of historic buildings go beyond that of a business nature with Lynx Construction. Lynx’s Wasim Shomar has become a proponent of the protection of historical buildings. Mr. Shomar has become part of an ongoing battle to save one of Miami’s historical landmarks, Saint Jude Melkite Catholic Church. The church was originally built in 1946 and was known as the Academy of Assumption, which served as a refugee center during the 1960’s for those fleeing the reign of Fidel Castro. Mr. Shomar wants to preserve the building and the history it represents before any adverse future of the building becomes a reality.


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Christopher-Moran-President-e1423155518546-829x1024new - Historical Restorations Add Value to the Community

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