FDOT Historic Train Station

FDOT Historic Train Station


Services: General Contracting

Project Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Owner: Florida Department of Transporation

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Lynx was commissioned to conduct renovation and preservation of key interior and exterior elements of a historic (and currently functional) transit station in Fort Lauderdale, FL, which was originally constructed in 1926. The goal of the interior renovation is to create a more pleasant commuter experience through aesthetic details, and to improve accessibility and traffic flow within the train station, ensuring the facility is ADA-compliant. Key interior elements within the scope of the renovation included the lobby, ticketing facilities, baggage storage area and administrative offices, as well as the construction of a temporary ADA-compliant ticketing facility and office space. Lynx’s exterior renovations provided the historic train station with upgrades to prevent South Florida’s tropical weather conditions from damaging the facility over time. Lynx upgraded the existing train station ‘skin’ and constructed an exterior canopy structure adjacent to the station. The result is a preserved train station with key updates that honor its history in South Florida, while preparing it to meet the demands of commuter traffic and the risks of tropical weather.