How Technology Has Changed Construction

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Chris Moran, President

Over the course of my career in construction many changes in technology have been adopted. The use of technology has changed the field of construction on many levels. Illustrative is the evolution in the production and distribution of design drawings and related documentation. Time is one of the most expensive aspects of any project. Technology has given all parties involved the ability to shorten the length of time spent from concept to completion. Massive amounts of time have been saved during the beginning stages of construction because of the improvements in blueprint design software. As a young engineer in the early 80’s I was one of the first resellers of ACAD in Florida. In those days the program was a simple drawing program with limited features and a difficult user interface.

Software Improvement

Drawings were still plotted on to paper and then sent to printing, the prints were distributed to the users. Many hours were spent just handling the paper and coordinating drawings manually. Subsequently software has developed to have 3D capabilities, better user interface, libraries of symbols, and details that could be added and modified by the users. Overtime the ability to electronically distribute drawings was developed making it possible to be reviewed on desktops. Coordination became easier, less paper was handled, and less time was wasted in producing multiple versions. In contrast now, except for the reality that we still rely on hard copies for permits and records, drawings can be distributed completely electronically. We can review them on devices that are as small as a smart phone or as big as full sized drawings anywhere.

  • The use of technology has changed construction
  • Before ACAD drawings were plotted on paper
  • The technology for blueprint design has improved overall
  • Technology has improved communications overall but has made modifications a much faster process
  • Smart phones can now be used to help solve problems in the field
  • Real time project progress is now possible
  • The use of technology saves both time and money

Improved Communications

Technology has provided devices that can collect and send pertinent or remote information instantaneously. These communications can be annotated and commented, the notes instantly shared in the cloud and any kind of data can be attached to specific locations in the drawings. This kind of function allows a worker to photograph an issue in the field, attach it to a specific drawing and a specific location on that drawing then send the complete information to the designer or supervisor for clarification. Instantaneously! As a bonus all records are preserved in the cloud. Technology is providing, in real time, the ability to share and resolve problems which would have cost time in the past. Through the use of technology the process of completing a construction project has become more streamlined saving both time and money.


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Christopher-Moran-President-e1423155518546-829x1024new - How Technology Has Changed Construction

Chris Moran, President,

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