The Advances of Technology in Construction

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Chris Moran, President

Since first starting as an engineer I have seen the use of technology increase. The advances of technology in construction were world changers. From inventory control to full 3D virtual copies of a project in every step of the process. Technology is used to collect critical information such as data from thermal imaging, density tests, or moisture content. All of which is collected by hand held instruments and tied directly to a database which displays directly on the plan. Using time marks and coordinates the history of a job can be recorded and all pertinent and germane data managed in a retrievable way.


The Spread of Technology


We are seeing the use of this type of technology in fields like construction, engineering, as well as more specialized fields such as environmental construction. All of these areas depend on spatial data and historical information to track quality and progress on a job. Cameras which can generate 3D models tied to physical location coupled to virtual reality devices are already being used to solve difficult problems like the replacement of a boiler in a tight reactor building featured in ENR this month. By providing a way to incorporate data in a streamlined and instantaneous format, it has become easier to track the quality and progress of any project, no matter how minor or major that project may be. By doing so, projects are finishing faster with less problems than ever before all while saving money.


  • The use of technology to gather germane information for project development
  • Technology creates a retrievable data history
  • Streamlined processes assists in the coordination of time lines
  • Technology provides spatial data to track quality and project progress
  • Technology can incorporate real time information into virtual devises to solve difficult problems
  • The use of technology lowers potential risks
  • Technology lowers the overall cost of environmental refits or upgrades


Improved Problem Solving and Risk Prevention


The use of the technology available today in construction improves problem solving issues. In the days before this technology, it could take weeks to create a plan that may work out on paper, but not in reality. This would cost time and money in labor hours because adjustments would need to be made. In some cases the resulting answer would include high risk to construction personnel, which can be avoided more easily with the information gathered through such technology as handheld, Wi-Fi enabled 360 ° cameras.


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Christopher-Moran-President-e1423155518546-829x1024new - The Advances of Technology in Construction

Chris Moran, President,

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