The Use of Technology in Construction

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Chris Moran, President

The Environmental Technology Summit founded by our in-house environmental consultant, Nicholas Moran, is taking place on April 19, 2016 in Raleigh, NC. The summit is an attempt to bring environmental professionals together to discuss and accelerate the development of technologies for field applications related to site management, chain of custody and other issues which are currently being addressed in the construction and environmental fields. A gathering such as this is a great opportunity to discuss how the building of a project is still largely dependent on lower or older technologies, albeit with better materials. By coming together in a consortium of like minds, the brainstorming of innovative uses of available, or the creation of new technologies offers endless possibilities.


Old and New Technologies


Of the technologies available in construction today, nails are still driven and concrete poured in very much the same way as 50 years ago.  Some of the newer technologies that are commonly utilized is the laser. Lasers are used in levels, measuring, and layout tools which increase the quality and efficiency of entire crews. New advances in large scale 3D printing and modular building now enable complex buildings to be created.  Modular building processes are already used to build some of the most complex buildings at an incredible rate of speed. The use of handheld Wi-Fi enabled 360° cameras can record the entire status of a project while being hand carried through a job site. To think that some of the technology being used in construction today has come from the use of virtual reality gaming.



  • Information about the Environmental Technology Summit
  • The application of technology in the site management process
  • Technology creates a better communications process between owners, designers, and constructors
  • The use of virtual reality gaming technology in construction
  • There is a range of technological devices from laser levels to 3D printers
  • The future advances of technology in construction
  • Interactive nature of technology offers a better quality project experience

Technology Increases Better Communication


The importance of accurate and, sometimes, speedy information has become a paramount practice of well-run projects. The technology today offers the ability to have virtual tours to capture high resolution information enabling owners, designers and constructors to communicate effectively. Eventually location data will enable time-lapse chronicles of this, very efficiently collected, photographic data, giving an excellent historical record. Combined with the rapidly advancing BIM available today and virtual reality gaming technology great advances can be made in documentation, design and communication. Over the next few years we can expect to see more widespread adoption of tablet or “phablets” for field communication and documentation. Interactive data gathering systems that collect measurements from handheld devices using “near-field” communication and WFI.  This data will be tagged for location and time and stored for later use. Having the ability to collect, save, and share project development information prevents confusion and expensive delays.


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