Dear Subcontractor/Supplier,

At Lynx Construction, everyone plays an essential role in our success. To be included on our Vendor list, please complete the ‘Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Form’ in its entirety and provide all documents requested as well as any other that may be relevant. Please make sure all questions are answered and the information is clear and legible; you may write N/A if an item is Not Applicable. The information requested in this form will be used to add your company in our internal database as well as our SmartBid database. (See SmartBid note below.) We ask that you please to notify us of any information changes so your profile is always kept up to date.

ATTN: Estimating. Please note that this form is valid for one (1) year from the submission date.

Along with this completed form, please submit a copy of the company’s “Audited and/or Reviewed Financial Statements” as stated in the checklist below. The reviewing and approval process will be delayed without the financial statements.

After a review, all information is entered into our SmartBid database. All “Invitations to Bid” are transmitted through SmartBid. Please also note, a copy of Lynx Construction’s Standard Contract Agreement is available for your review on our FTP site.

We thank you once again for your interest in joining the Lynx Construction Team; we look forward to working with you.